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Mountain Gate Real Estate has marketed several real estate projects in the UAE and is pleased to serve landlords and real estate investors wishing to invest in the estate market which is considered more profitable and secure than any other fields of investment. We provide many services including the necessary studies starting from the selection of the land on which the project will be built, the selection of the consultant and contractor, project licensing from authorities such as the Department of Land and Property, opening escrow accounts to developing a strong marketing plan for the sale of real estate units during the construction of the project. With all of the above-mentioned services we provide, investors will be able to get what they want through paying little money. Invest small amounts of money and get good returns with Mountain Gate Realty. We also take good care of choosing the scheme of real estate units and finishes and this is the secret behind our good reputation which has been attracting investors to deal with us. Since the investor's interest is a top priority for us, we develop a pre-feasibility study before starting the project to show the potential earnings and the expected duration for investors to get their money back along with the earnings they will get.